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I am Sam from the USA, one of the owners and creators of the newly founded Zae & Sam Bath Bombs Cosmetics Company, a certified Makeup Artist and Photographer.  The conception of our business was birth from a vision of love, passion, and desire to help encourage women through the enhancement of their natural beauty and the building of their self-esteem through self-empowerment.

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My Story

My son Zae and I started this business due to Bullying and Mental Health. My son was much younger when he was being bullied due to his size and not wanting to be a part of the wrong crowd; 12 boys wanted to jump my son waiting for him after school. He stated that he wanted to stay in school and did want to come home.I almost had a heartache; leaving my son was in school was the hardest thing I ever did. That day he decided no more of this and took a stand. Be.  He asked to go to the Lust store to get bath bombs to relax all the time. One day he came to me and said, mom, let's start our own bath bomb business. He was the creator and got busy with great colors and lavish scents. As a makeup artist, I want to add to our collection to help women have great skin. We add your addition Scrub Scrubs and Powdered Clay Mask. My son is the best business partner I could ever ask for. 


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